Wish Granted

Guess what? I finally had my tattoo made. If you have read my previous post here, you would have known the very difficult time I had, deciding on whether to have it or not. And if you had the chance of reading it, you might have the question of what had transpired for me, to eventually get my tattoo and stuff. Well, it’s a long story albeit a happy one at that. It involves me, my mom, and an afternoon’s worth of bonding.

My mom visited me last week because she was in town for an assembly of sorts. Their church was celebrating its golden anniversary and had decided to go and hold their celebrations here in the city. Celebrations would take most of the week with various activities and outreach programs scheduled every day, with the grand assembly to be held in a large hotel downtown most likely on Friday. Although she is physically here, we might not get to meet at all, since she is one of the directors of their church and her duties are almost all encompassing. But she said that she would definitely be here with me on Friday night and would spend the weekends with me.

My mom did eventually come and we spent the weekends together, just the two of us. How I missed my mom so much, that there never was a time that I didn’t have a hold of her during her visit, be it her hand, a hug and even her bag, which she said was an extension of her, didn’t escape my eager grasps. We went to the spa, the mall, and even did groceries together. I felt like a little girl once again, and the time spent with her was great, even if it was just for a little while.

It was at the mall when she tugged on my arm to show me something. She pointed to two women waiting on line at Starbucks, and I was puzzled with what did she meant with it. After some explaining, I saw that what my mom was pointing at, were actually the tattoos the women were wearing. Is my mom teasing me, I thought to myself. The answer came when we got to sit down and eat, after a grueling session of shopping. Didn’t you always want one of those things, my mom blurted out pointing to the tattoos of the girls next to our table?

To make the long story short, I did get my tattoo, and was so very happy that my mom even accompanied me to get it done, right there and then after we finished eating. I got the image of the Virgin Mary on my side now, coupled with a verse from the bible, the date it was made, and of course, me and my mom’s name.

Now mom’s already gone home and I’m here tending to my tattoo as it is very sore, and am also experiencing some tattoo scabbing particularly on the letters of the tattoo. I also got some form of skin tear from it as I unintentionally scratched at it while asleep last night. But I know it will eventually heal in time, maybe I was just too excited from the fact that I finally got one. And who knows, now that I finally got around having my first one, maybe a second tattoo would be nice too, wouldn’t you think?