The First Time I knew I was going to be a Dad

I still remember the time when we had our first child, although it was long ago, it is still fresh in my mind due to the events that happened that day.

One particularly balmy summer’s day, my wife came to me and asked; guess how many weeks am I? Busy with yard work, I replied to her, how many weeks you are what? Sensing danger, I tried to approach her, but was met with a furious frown and a flying magazine instead. She turned her back against me and bounded towards the door, so fast, you could have sworn she had seen a ghost or something. Typical of us, male species, to be oblivious to something, even if it is already in front of us, just waiting to be acknowledged.

I eventually caught up with her, and thankfully, also calmed her down. I asked her about why she was suddenly so mad at me, and what was it all about? Amid teary eyes, she explained to me that yesterday, she has twice tested herself with a PT kit, and both times, the result came out positive. She was still talking, when I felt my heart jump, and a huge smile came to my face. I hugged her as I came into realization, she was pregnant, and I am going to be a dad!

Her original question wasn’t lost on us, as she still insisted to know, how far into pregnancy she was already. I just told her, that we would come visit her doctor first thing tomorrow, and that there, all her questions will be answered accordingly. She concurred, and we spent the rest of the afternoon just holding each other.

Back then, there was no way we could have known how many weeks she had been pregnant, or if she really were pregnant, for that matter, if we hadn’t been counting it ourselves in the first place. All we had were our doctors, to consult and trust, and whatever they will say about it, will stand and we take it as truth. The doctors themselves aren’t in any much better shape, as they just interpret their findings, based on their studies and experiences, and make educated guesses.

Today is much more different. With many advances in the field of science, and particularly in medicine, one can now exactly tell how much pregnant they are or when they got such. One just has to input the date of their last menstrual cycle and their average cycle length, and then will know, with great probability, the start of their pregnancy, and even how far into it they are already in, there is an implantation calculator that can be found here. Other information available can be acquired just by using the data of your menstrual cycle and when it has stopped, like when is the most opportune time to make a baby, or if you have one coming, exactly predict when it is coming out. Those formulas aren’t even a secret as you can readily find a number of them in the internet.

But those things are just static. What ultimately matters is that you have been gifted with a child. And I can still feel the joy of such news, as if it was only yesterday.