Several Reasons why you should own a Bull Boxer

With the plethora of dog breeds available today, one can easily get lost in finding the right dog to have as pet. Although several characteristic traits are needed for one dog to be called suitable, it all boils down to the person searching; what are his needs, what environment will the dog be in, does he have experience handling dogs and also what is the owners way of life.

Me, I found the right dog that suits my needs. Boogey, a Boxer Pitbull mix breed, has been with me for five years. I can’t say enough about the benefits of having a dog like Boogey (even though he’s had his fair share of problems); let’s just say that he is the perfect dog for me. I will list down at least three, among the many, good points that Boogey has. Who knows, maybe he’s also the right kind of dog for you.


A fine specimen for a dog, the boxer pit bull mix breed has a life expectancy of 13 – 15 years, longer with proper nutrition and maintenance. And being a mixed breed, they also become hardier and more resilient to sickness which their original predecessors are prone to. Although sometimes they suffer from dog ear infection if their health is not well maintained or are always under stress. Their longer lifespan is a boon for pet lovers as it means that they can enjoy their company for a long, long time.


The Bull Boxer weighs normally around 20–40 kilos and stands about 25-36 inches tall. Physical characteristics such as a broad head and deep set eyes are typical to their breed. They also have short, straight hair which is usually of the color brown. But what sets them apart from other dog breeds are their intimidating presence. Honestly, if you are walking down the street and you meet this kind of dog, chances are you are going change your direction, and avoid any close encounters with him. For me, he is a good deterrent around the ranch, not just with people but with any other animals.


Bull Boxers are friskily playful, high spirited and full of energy. Like their parent breeds, they are intelligent dogs and are also quick learners. They are very loyal to their masters, and if they are trained to be social at an early age, can be rather gentle around other animals and even children in general. And also owing to the Boxer blood that runs through them, they are often act clownish to a fault and can also be stern enough to be tasked as the protector of the whole family.

The supposed reputation of these types of dogs, as being very wild and violent, for me, is unfounded. Dogs become violent because of neglect and abuse. They are not born violent; it is their rearing, surroundings, and the situation they are in, that makes them as such. For that matter, even a simple and cute poodle can tear your arm out if it is trained that way, right? So take very good care of your dogs, whatever breed they are, show them love and treat them well, for it is only fair, because they give their all for you, even without you asking for it.