One Summer Wasted

bromaI got some company over at the ranch, mainly old friends from the neighborhood. Some of them, who worked overseas, recently came back and are on an extended vacation. It started when two of them met at the mall, and got to talking about old times. One thing led to another, and now here they were, horsing around in my backyard, no pun intended.

We were “the boys” back then, that’s what neighborhood mothers used called us, and was usually done in an angry and irritated tone. We did mischievous things all the time, especially during the summer break when all of us had tons of spare time to waste. Activities like exchanging mailbox contents, chasing the neighbor’s cat, skinny dipping in the river were part of our daily routine.

But we never bullied anyone, as we made an agreement that it would be off limits to harm other people. We were boorish but we were good, if you know what I mean. We made the tree house in our ranch as the main base of operations, and in there, we hatched our plans for the summer like when we will be holding our weekly water balloon fight or how many cats we will be making crazy for the day, and so on. It is also there, where we hold camping and sleepovers provided that each of our parents permitted us to. It was the best days of our young lives back then.

We did also run into problems, as we are always won’t to do. Like the time I inadvertently fell off our tree house as I tried to pull a wedgie on one of my buddies. It was not that high, maybe five feet max I would say, but their ashen and shocked faces made it scarier than it was. They all descended from our base and surrounded me, babbling about what they need to do, who to call and even if I was eventually going to die or something.

I did land awkwardly, hitting my left hip on a tree root, but the pain was bearable so I did not cry, and I also don’t want them to rib me later about it. But I also can’t stand on my own, as doing so sent sharp, stabbing pains on the side I landed on. My mom was eventually called, and I was sent to the hospital.

The doctor said that the pain I was feeling was actually hip flexor pain and prescribed pain medicine for it. I was happy that it was only that and nothing much worse. I was beginning say sorry to mom and also asking permission for a sleepover with the guys tomorrow, but I was abruptly stopped by the doctor. He said that due to my fall, I have strained my hips so much, that I was almost suffering from a torn labrum hip. I was to refrain from any physical activities for a month, and wear a SERF strap around my waist to my legs, to help strengthen my hip muscles. He also added that I must go through rehabilitation sessions in the hospital during the same time to further heal my injuries. That was it; summer with the boys was over for me.

Anyway, that was back then. All is well now and here we are, old but still bouncing off the walls. The tree house is long gone, but we’ll make do even without it. Trust us, were “the boys” after all.