smoothcruising-John de'sotoHello Everyone! My name is John De’Soto. I currently live in Texas. Recently, I got divorce and now enjoying the single life. I am very passionate about horses and have a small horse farm on my ranch. My two passion is horses and traveling. Ever since I was a little kid, I always love to travel. My dad was in the army so we would always move around. I did not like it as a little kid but I think though the experience of moving around, that is when I found that I enjoyed travelling. I love learning about different people, cultures, traditions and especially the food in all of the locations that I have been to. Now as an adult, I travel around the world on my free time. Last year, I went to Tokyo, Japan. I lived with a Japanese family for about a month. I immersed myself with the culture. It was an experience that I would never forget and trade for the world. In the coming summer, I want to travel to Hong Kong, China. I think life is too short and we should treat everyday like an adventure and live it as it would be our last. Treasure life and be blessed with everything that you have. Happiness is the key to a meaningful life! On this blog here, I would like to share my experience of traveling and bring the love of horses to everyone I meet.