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Things to consider when you are Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is very important to a new born. In fact, it is so complete and nourishing, that it is the only food that he needs during the first year of life. Besides being food, it also enables the baby to be strong against diseases, as breastfeeding imparts to the baby, antibodies and immunities to different forms of sickness, that no formula or vitamin supplement ever can. Breastfeeding is among one of the best gifts a mother could ever give to his child.

Breastfeeding is a two way alley, besides giving benefits to the baby, the mother’s welfare is also given a boost. As breastfeeding consumes more or less about 500 calories to produce, the mother’s weight naturally goes down, aiding in her return to pre-pregnancy form. It also minimizes her chances of suffering from post- partum stress disorders, which are common after child birth and also lowers her risk for several types of cancers, such as breast, ovarian and endometrial cancer. Economically, breastfeeding is a sure fire way to save on an infant’s food while giving him the best ever nourishment possible. Last but not the least; breastfeeding strengthens the love, and the bond, shared between a mother and her child.

Although breastfeeding is natural, mothers also must always take care on whatever she eats, as certain kinds of food tend to have residual effects and may unintentionally be passed off to the baby.

Several examples of foods to avoid while breastfeeding are as follows, alcoholic beverages are said to seep into breast milk and have various effects on the baby such as weakness, being always sleepy, and also of having irregular weight gain. Coffee, chocolate, and other food containing caffeine, on the other hand, makes the baby irritable, cranky, and also seems labored getting to sleep. Citrusy and spicy foods that a mother consumes tend to make the baby fussy and irritated, looking as if the baby himself ate it. Garlic may leave an aroma or a kind of taste to the nipple of the mother that discourages the baby from sucking at it. Other types of food like corn, peanut, eggs, soy, fish and dairy products are to also be carefully discerned as they may cause unintended allergies in the baby.

Breastfeeding is recommended for the baby’s first year, and is also strongly suggested to be continued up until the second year of life. If I were a mother, I’d continue it even after the third year to fully insure that my baby gets the best start in life. And If and when the time has come, for the baby to wean from breastfeeding, there are also several tips aimed at helping the mother to cope with the separation and how to stop breastfeeding.

The old belief, of putting cabbage or garlic on your breast has some amount of truth to it, but the general way of easing out of breastfeeding, is to simply stop offering it to your child. If your child no longer sucks at your breast, your body responds by producing less to no milk eventually. Sometimes you might feel pain from engorgement, as your breast no longer empty its contents, if that happens, and to relieve pressure, it is recommended that you manually pump a little bit of milk out from your breast, but not a lot as it may mimic again natural breastfeeding, which then tells your body to produce milk again. It takes about two weeks to a month to fully stop the production of breast milk.

Breastfeeding is both best for mommy and best for baby. Maybe best for daddy too while we’re at it, and anything else they say other than that must not be believed, because breastfeeding is pure and can be simply be defined as nothing else, but love.

For Someone So Dear

It is very hard to see a member of the family suffer from terminal sickness. You kind of feel for her the way as if you want to change places if it is at all possible. You put up a brave face when you are near her, constantly reassuring her that there is still hope, even if everybody already knows that there is none left, and that time is the only thing left to be considered. You sit there beside her bed holding her hand, sometimes praying and sometimes, during lucid times, you talk about the past, of things done together and will still be doing.

You remember how she used to hold you in your arms, of how she made you stop crying even though the pain still rages in one of your silly bruise you got from playing all day. You remember her always telling you to eat your vegetables as they are good for you, and you remember the way she tucked you in to bed at night, told you stories and finally kissed you goodnight.

You remember talking back at her during your teenage years, and generally ignoring whatever it is that she is telling you. Reprimands usually go in one ear and out the other, never thinking what it was for or why she is telling you that. You just believed only in yourself, you are strong and invincible and you are the only one that mattered. But she was still there to meet you, the times you fell off your perch.

You remember going to college, leaving for great stretches, never really aware that somebody home misses you a lot. Calls were at a premium back then, but she always make it a point to make one every week, which was oftentimes greeted by bored indifference by you. You also remembered getting married, gotten old, had children, and generally let life just happen. Still she is always at the background guiding you, helping you, loving you.

Then it happened. She almost didn’t want you to know that she was sick and already suffering. You just know it was serious by the way the doctor talked about neutropenic precautions, and of how her body no longer has the ability to defend itself from sickness. And when the doctor eventually said that she’s better off at home, it finally hits you. Now you see what you have really been doing all this time. You suddenly realized what she really meant to your life. You then think of how you can make it up to her, even if just a little bit, with the little time she has left. But you know it is already too late for that. You are now lost.

You never really know the value of a thing until it is gone. No longer is there anybody that is always there for you, thinking about you if you’re okay or not, giving you love like no one else can. I will always remember all our time together, your time may be already through, but I’ll still have you here in my heart always. I always miss you. I love you very much.