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Wish Granted

Guess what? I finally had my tattoo made. If you have read my previous post here, you would have known the very difficult time I had, deciding on whether to have it or not. And if you had the chance of reading it, you might have the question of what had transpired for me, to eventually get my tattoo and stuff. Well, it’s a long story albeit a happy one at that. It involves me, my mom, and an afternoon’s worth of bonding.

My mom visited me last week because she was in town for an assembly of sorts. Their church was celebrating its golden anniversary and had decided to go and hold their celebrations here in the city. Celebrations would take most of the week with various activities and outreach programs scheduled every day, with the grand assembly to be held in a large hotel downtown most likely on Friday. Although she is physically here, we might not get to meet at all, since she is one of the directors of their church and her duties are almost all encompassing. But she said that she would definitely be here with me on Friday night and would spend the weekends with me.

My mom did eventually come and we spent the weekends together, just the two of us. How I missed my mom so much, that there never was a time that I didn’t have a hold of her during her visit, be it her hand, a hug and even her bag, which she said was an extension of her, didn’t escape my eager grasps. We went to the spa, the mall, and even did groceries together. I felt like a little girl once again, and the time spent with her was great, even if it was just for a little while.

It was at the mall when she tugged on my arm to show me something. She pointed to two women waiting on line at Starbucks, and I was puzzled with what did she meant with it. After some explaining, I saw that what my mom was pointing at, were actually the tattoos the women were wearing. Is my mom teasing me, I thought to myself. The answer came when we got to sit down and eat, after a grueling session of shopping. Didn’t you always want one of those things, my mom blurted out pointing to the tattoos of the girls next to our table?

To make the long story short, I did get my tattoo, and was so very happy that my mom even accompanied me to get it done, right there and then after we finished eating. I got the image of the Virgin Mary on my side now, coupled with a verse from the bible, the date it was made, and of course, me and my mom’s name.

Now mom’s already gone home and I’m here tending to my tattoo as it is very sore, and am also experiencing some tattoo scabbing particularly on the letters of the tattoo. I also got some form of skin tear from it as I unintentionally scratched at it while asleep last night. But I know it will eventually heal in time, maybe I was just too excited from the fact that I finally got one. And who knows, now that I finally got around having my first one, maybe a second tattoo would be nice too, wouldn’t you think?

One Summer Wasted

bromaI got some company over at the ranch, mainly old friends from the neighborhood. Some of them, who worked overseas, recently came back and are on an extended vacation. It started when two of them met at the mall, and got to talking about old times. One thing led to another, and now here they were, horsing around in my backyard, no pun intended.

We were “the boys” back then, that’s what neighborhood mothers used called us, and was usually done in an angry and irritated tone. We did mischievous things all the time, especially during the summer break when all of us had tons of spare time to waste. Activities like exchanging mailbox contents, chasing the neighbor’s cat, skinny dipping in the river were part of our daily routine.

But we never bullied anyone, as we made an agreement that it would be off limits to harm other people. We were boorish but we were good, if you know what I mean. We made the tree house in our ranch as the main base of operations, and in there, we hatched our plans for the summer like when we will be holding our weekly water balloon fight or how many cats we will be making crazy for the day, and so on. It is also there, where we hold camping and sleepovers provided that each of our parents permitted us to. It was the best days of our young lives back then.

We did also run into problems, as we are always won’t to do. Like the time I inadvertently fell off our tree house as I tried to pull a wedgie on one of my buddies. It was not that high, maybe five feet max I would say, but their ashen and shocked faces made it scarier than it was. They all descended from our base and surrounded me, babbling about what they need to do, who to call and even if I was eventually going to die or something.

I did land awkwardly, hitting my left hip on a tree root, but the pain was bearable so I did not cry, and I also don’t want them to rib me later about it. But I also can’t stand on my own, as doing so sent sharp, stabbing pains on the side I landed on. My mom was eventually called, and I was sent to the hospital.

The doctor said that the pain I was feeling was actually hip flexor pain and prescribed pain medicine for it. I was happy that it was only that and nothing much worse. I was beginning say sorry to mom and also asking permission for a sleepover with the guys tomorrow, but I was abruptly stopped by the doctor. He said that due to my fall, I have strained my hips so much, that I was almost suffering from a torn labrum hip. I was to refrain from any physical activities for a month, and wear a SERF strap around my waist to my legs, to help strengthen my hip muscles. He also added that I must go through rehabilitation sessions in the hospital during the same time to further heal my injuries. That was it; summer with the boys was over for me.

Anyway, that was back then. All is well now and here we are, old but still bouncing off the walls. The tree house is long gone, but we’ll make do even without it. Trust us, were “the boys” after all.

Baby Hiccups Averted

I just got home from my friend’s house. I visited him because his wife has just recently given birth to their first son, a lively eight pounder, who looks exactly just like him. I used to always kid my friend about his curly hair and about how hard it was to comb it that if a cockroach entered it, will have a hard time in getting out again. His newborn son also has rich curly hair, but unlike his father, it kind of looked good on him. He also got his father’s blue eyes and slender nose, traits that will serve him well, once he grows up. We had a fun afternoon, all four of us, as there is never a dull moment when me and my friend are around each other. Believe me.

There was only a very minor event that happened during my visit there, I wouldn’t really call it a scare, but whenever a newborn baby is involved, things eventually get blown out of proportion and people tend to get panicky about it. In the middle of feeding from his mom’s breast, the baby suddenly had a bout of hiccups. It was very unusual as there was a popping sound that also accompanied each hiccup. Naturally, his parents began to worry and got exasperated as they can really do nothing about it. Being new to having a child, they still do not have the skills when things like this happen, so basically, their first reaction will always be of fear. You should have seen the look of worry in their eyes.

Baby hiccups are very common especially to nursing ones, and even while still in the womb, babies are known to have it. Newborn hiccups are caused by either their stomach getting full or the oft chance that the baby swallows air. The baby’s body is not fully developed yet so they get the hiccups more frequently than us adult. Their stomach gets full easily when feeding, due to its relatively small size, thereby increasing their risk of getting hiccups. Bottle fed babies on the other hand are more prone to hiccups as they usually gulp in air during their feeding from a bottle.

Sometimes getting hiccups are even welcomed by other parents, as they believe that it is a sign that their babies are already full and well fed, while others, especially new parents, tend to think of it as something serious. Hiccups, scientifically speaking, occur when the diaphragm is irritated or stimulated, causing its muscle to contract sporadically, producing the telltale hiccup sound. Hiccups, when infrequent and not chronic, are usually not serious, only irritating.

Having had their moment, I started to explain to them about hiccups, and what to do when their baby gets one. I suggested that they put the baby on his back and to gently pat him at the middle of his shoulder blades. They eventually followed my instructions and the hiccups immediately stopped, only to be replaced by a loud burp, which sent us all laughing. Another emergency situation stopped on its tracks.

Basic Steps in Tattooing

Ever wondered how the process of getting a tattoo is accomplished? Well I have been lucky enough to know several good tattoo artists during my travels, and have witnessed firsthand how it is being done. I seem to be gravitating towards them lately, maybe because I am really interested in tattoos in general and probably am also leaning to get one too, for myself.

From the ever popular chest tattoos for men, to the slowly becoming a fad side tattoos for girls, tattooing is relatively done the same way since way back when. The only things that had changes in them are probably the composition of the ink and what it is made from, and also the machine that is used to perform tattooing. Getting a tattoo done has only three general steps to it; preparation, tattooing and after-care, and I will try to explain a little bit of each, so that if ever you wanted to get one, you will know what to expect.


For your part, the preparation involved before getting a tattoo mainly consists of finding the right image or text that you wanted to be tattooed on you, and also of choosing what colors to use on them. And for the tattoo artist’s part, if he is a good one that is, his preparation for tattooing is much more extensive. He has to make sure all his tools are working properly and thoroughly sterilized to lessen the risk of infection, and he also has to make sure he has the right kind, and enough quantity of ink to finish your session. He also has to explain to you the risks involved when having a tattoo and if you are really agreeable with them. If everything is okay, the tattooing process could start.

Tattoo Process

Tattooing could be done freehand if you and the artist are comfortable with it, or it could be done by, first, tracing the image you wanted to be tattooed on a tracing paper, then transferring it to whatever part of your body you were planning to have it on. That way you can be sure of its proper placement and also of the correctness of the image before inking. The tattoo artist will then proceed to dip his tattoo machine into whatever color of ink is needed for the image and trace the outlines of your soon to be tattoo, contact of the needles from the machine directly unto your skin begins. The process could last anywhere from thirty minutes to half a day depending on how large your tattoo is.


After the tattoo has been done, the tattoo artist will then apply some germicidal ointment on it, as it is a skin wound after all, and cover it with bandage or saran wrap to protect it against the elements. He will then give you the steps to take, on how to care for your healing tattoo, and provide answers to whatever questions you still have, regarding your new tattoo.

Although it looks fairly simple, Tattooing is a very much complicated form of art. You still have to factor in the pain and the blood that is sure to come out during the process, as well as the person’s sensitivity to the ink that you are using, as these pigments generally come from a variety of sources, namely animals, minerals as well as heavy metals which can be truly hazardous to anyone’s health. But in lieu of these things, having a tattoo is a truly transcendent experience you will never really forget anytime soon.