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How to Ride a Horse

riding horseIt would make little sense to try and learn how to ride a horse through the use of the internet, a book, or some other form of media. Although, having a guide that can outline the details involved in learning is helpful, you will really only get the best handle on the subject by experiencing it on your own. This might require the expertise of a seasoned riding coach or someone else that you are acquainted with who knows the ropes of the process well.

Before riding, it would be helpful to have a bit of knowledge about horses yourself. There is really no harm in doing the homework, while getting to know the horses that you plan to ride. This includes grooming, care, tying the horse, and safety measures, and other precautions or detailing that goes into horseback riding. Many people try to run before they can walk, which may lead to mistakes along the way. Try being as well informed as you can, before jumping in head first.

Learning to saddle your horse is a great way to expand your knowledge on the subject of horseback riding. Although, it may not be required of you to learn how to saddle a horse if you are learning from someone who has already prepared it in advance, you might want to try and learn this important step on your own. This especially rings true if you plan on owning your own horse ranch in the future or at least working with these animals in close proximity.

There are two different types of saddles. The Western saddle is much more common in America, although there are those who prefer the English saddle. When learning to saddle up a horse, it’s important to learn how to do up the cinch on the Western saddle. Without it being properly secured, the saddle could move around and make for an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous ride.

You should also learn how to properly mount and sit on a horse. Despite popular belief, it is not safe to ride sideways on a horse unless you are a well trained professional in the art of horseback riding. In order to get on a horse safely, there are a few steps to take into account. Firstly, you will want to have someone else holding the horse’s reign, if it is your first time climbing onto it. This is so that it will stand quietly, while you mount. Make sure the stirrup is adjusted to the right height for your own height. If you have short legs, take it down a peg or two. You will want to be able to slip your foot into it comfortably and at a distance from the ground that you are not straining yourself to reach.

Small details, such as sitting correctly in the saddle by facing straight forward and at a balanced position, are important aspects to learning how to ride right. The most important part about learning how to ride is that you follow the right safety measures, while also maintaining a sense of comfort.